Grandeur means Beautiful, Elegant, Magnificence, and Nobility

Grandeur Tots is a children’s clothing brand that aims to showcase the beauty and elegance our Tots have already been blessed with in a decent and morally appropriate manner.

The business idea for Grandeur Tots was first conceived in 2018 when as a mother, I did not find a suitable high-quality and elegant occasion party dress for my daughter’s one-year party from the regular stores in Johannesburg. I then decided to design and create an elegant occasion party dress myself. This experience created a desire to offer a solution to mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other friends and relatives who would like to buy elegant high-quality occasion party dresses for their precious Tot uniquely and exclusively designed.

Grandeur Tots offers the option to buy from our collection of ready-to-wear dresses and the option for custom-made-to-measure dresses. Our ready-to-wear dresses are sized according to standardized measurements and custom-made-to-measure dresses will be produced based on your Tot’s specific measurements and your prefered style and requirements.

Grandeur Tots use locally sourced high-quality fabrics. All ready-to-wear outfits have 100% cotton fabric lining for breathability and skin comfort. All our dresses are locally made in South Africa. We promote South African businesses and provide employment locally through each of our production processes.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.